Pronouns: She/Her

Rianna is a former basketball player turned broadcaster. Her passion for sports journalism began at the age of 17, when she proposed the idea of sideline reporting to NorCal Sports TV, a premiere live sports network in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her passion for sports and writing led her to jumpstart a career in Broadcast Journalism and build a platform she is now expanding. 

Rianna currently attends Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. She majors in Journalism with an outside concentration in Sport Administration. In addition to being a full-time student, Rianna also serves as the Athletics reporter for Pepperdine and as a reporter for the student-run news show, NewsWaves 32. She is expected to graduate in December 2022.

While Rianna is extremely passionate about telling the stories of athletes and the organizations they thrive from, she also heavily advocates for social justice movements. She is well-versed in storytelling through different forms of media such as television, articles, podcasts, and more. 



Where her journey began..

 At just 18 years old, Rianna earned the opportunity to interview on the red carpet the 2019 Minneapolis Final Four as West Coast Elite's Event host. At this event, she was the only woman in a building of over 500 men. This experience inspired her to push boundaries for women who work in a male-dominated field.